Day 5 & 6 - Almost there...

We are so interesting....

Yesterday we got A LOT of things done. Jói came back from being sick, and basicly we managed to record all the basic drums for the record. No relaxing this day...

Today we've been doing the bass through-out all the songs and some drum overdubs - nothing more than that. BUT!!! Our good friend, Andri Freyr is coming in couple of hours to play drums in a song we like to call "Sjáumst í Virginíu" (See you in Virginia). That's gonna be fun - two drum kits in the song.

So when all that is over, the handsome men, Kjarri and Guffi can do their magic on their guitars.

Oh and yeah, we're probably going to have a pre-sale available on the album so please stay tuned!


8/12/2009 06:05:41 am

ahhh so that's the famous song with 2 drums.
looking forward to hearing it!
bring on the album news!!!
love from londonxx


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