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"Ethereal, melody-soaked music with international appeal."
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For a Minor Reflection
For a Minor Reflection

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2 July 2010
Check out FaMR new video recorded in Hellnar, Iceland for the "Inspired By Iceland" campaign.

11 June 2100

The album "Höldum í átt að óreiðu" is out in Iceland.
Out in Europe 6th September

10 April 2010

2 april 2010
Pledge Music Updated
For a Minor Reflection's Pledge Music project has raised 103% of the target and still two weeks to go!

29 march 2010

Album Cover
Below is the image for FaMR upcoming album "Höldum í átt að óreiðu"
12 march 2010

9 march 2010

8 march 2010

Dansi Dans

Exclusive song on Pledge Music from For a Minor Reflection upcoming album

20 feb. 2010
Kjartan talks about the Live Pledge in the video below

12 feb. 2010

Right now we're just working really hard on making the pledge via Pledge Music work out just fine, let's hope that all ends well. You can check it out here and of course (snare drum) the album! We're sending you a newsletter next days with all the info regarding the album, so by all means sign-up to our mailing list, you can see it, at the bottom of the front page.

11 feb. 2010
Finally.... Our own website! It's still in process and there's a lot of features still to come for it, but we thought you'd like to take a look at it, and see what's up with us and what we're doing; tours, shows etc.

10 feb. 2010

Hello everyone,
So, the past few months have been very hectic for us.  We are just finishing our new album which we recorded in the Sigur Rós Studio in Iceland with LA producer Scott Hackwith. We are itching to get back on the road playing live and spending time with our fans. We are planning our album release territory by territory and hoping to involve our most dedicated fans: you! That way we believe we will do a better job and be directed by the people who have made it possible to get where we are now. With your involvement we will be able to spread our music even further. So, all in all this promises to be an eventful year in your company.