Day 2:

So today we're just trying to get some cool sounds for the drums. There is some flue running around in Iceland these days so everybody are just taking it slow - which is nice of course. Guffi is a bit ill, but he'll probably come around, if not we'll just get rid of him.

Scott, Silli and Biggi are all geniuses so we're in good hands. We haven't decided still how many tracks will be on the album but we're thinking around 8-10 songs maybe, so some of the songs are bit shorter than the songs on Reistu þig við, sólin er komin á loft... ("thank God" a lot of people will probably say!)

It's raining a lot this time so hopefully Kjarri and Elvar can take their long-waited trip on a rubber boat! If not someone's gonna pay..

Until next time; bye-bye!

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