Hey everyone,

It's around 20:30 (8.30 PM) here in Iceland and we're making everything ready for the Pledge Music page. We've been thinking of some cool stuff to offer, and have decided to have among other things signed CD's and T-shirts, vinyls for Pledgers exclusively, original sheet music of couple of songs from the new album and a lot more.

We're just trying to get you guys - our fans - more involved in all the mess. Ok. not mess but this whole thing. We would love it if you'd like to participate and I hope you will also have fun by doing this.

So... Dumm dumm dummm! The album is finally to come out (yay). Here you have the chance to get it before the release date, which we will announce soon, and of course there will be some touring around the album. Only time, money and bunch of other not so interesting stuff have a lot (if not everything) to say about when and where we can come and play. If it was entirely up to us I think you wouldn't get rid of us. We would kind of be like a plague. We'll see how things go.

But as I said, this is mainly to get the fans more involved, this will be fun! Our Pledge Music link is here: 


Until next time,


7/8/2010 03:09:40 pm

Hey! Im from Brazil and I discovery your music in "Iceland Inspires" on internet and I just found awesome! I downloaded already all the songs that i could found! And you write about a tour, it would be GREAT if you guys came here in Brazil, any possibilities?


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