WOO-HOO! Tour blog number two!!

So now we’re in the great city Amsterdam, where we’re going to play tonight at Paradiso. It’s our last gig in the Netherlands on this tour so hopefully it will be fun. All the Netherlands gigs have been just fantastic, thanks a lot!

There’s not much to say really except that we have been hogging trampolines in Sondenborg, Denmark.

And another thing, the flight case for the bass amp didn’t fit exactly. We put the amp in the case and it got stuck... It took us about half an hour to get it out. Later that show in Nijmegen we accidentally told the crowd that we were this fantastic Pink Floyd cover band and that ended with us playing “Comfortably Numb” with a guy from the crowd singing the song... That was rememberable.

Tomorrow we’re heading off to Germany to play four gigs there, then the WILSONIC Festival in Bratislava, Slovakia, after that one gig in Brussels, Belgium and finally three gigs in the UK; Bristol, Birmingham and London.

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Until next time,


6/7/2009 02:51:23 am

famr and pink floyd.....that could work. glad to hear u lads are having a good tour.


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