Hey everyone,

It's around 20:30 (8.30 PM) here in Iceland and we're making everything ready for the Pledge Music page. We've been thinking of some cool stuff to offer, and have decided to have among other things signed CD's and T-shirts, vinyls for Pledgers exclusively, original sheet music of couple of songs from the new album and a lot more.

We're just trying to get you guys - our fans - more involved in all the mess. Ok. not mess but this whole thing. We would love it if you'd like to participate and I hope you will also have fun by doing this.

So... Dumm dumm dummm! The album is finally to come out (yay). Here you have the chance to get it before the release date, which we will announce soon, and of course there will be some touring around the album. Only time, money and bunch of other not so interesting stuff have a lot (if not everything) to say about when and where we can come and play. If it was entirely up to us I think you wouldn't get rid of us. We would kind of be like a plague. We'll see how things go.

But as I said, this is mainly to get the fans more involved, this will be fun! Our Pledge Music link is here: 


Until next time,


Day 5 & 6 - Almost there...

We are so interesting....

Yesterday we got A LOT of things done. Jói came back from being sick, and basicly we managed to record all the basic drums for the record. No relaxing this day...

Today we've been doing the bass through-out all the songs and some drum overdubs - nothing more than that. BUT!!! Our good friend, Andri Freyr is coming in couple of hours to play drums in a song we like to call "Sjáumst í Virginíu" (See you in Virginia). That's gonna be fun - two drum kits in the song.

So when all that is over, the handsome men, Kjarri and Guffi can do their magic on their guitars.

Oh and yeah, we're probably going to have a pre-sale available on the album so please stay tuned!


Day 4 - A day without drums

Ahh so nice.... Not that Jói is ill, it's just that we don't have to listen to loud drums all day with him at home. But he's getting better so we'll record some drums tomorrow. Today we've been messing with 3 songs - basically the songs that don't have any drums in it (but they're cool though).

So yeah, nothing much to say at this point except that the recording process is going well in general.

Day 3 - Stuff 

Right now Jói has been making a click track for a 13 minute long song with his drum sticks alone and the rest is playing Pacman, or Waka-Waka as it's called according to Facebook! The drums and the bass for Kastljós have been recorded along with some of the guitars - so now it's time for some guitar effects-jerk-off (YEAH!!) 

After that we'll start messing with the 13 minute long song. 

Day 2:

So today we're just trying to get some cool sounds for the drums. There is some flue running around in Iceland these days so everybody are just taking it slow - which is nice of course. Guffi is a bit ill, but he'll probably come around, if not we'll just get rid of him.

Scott, Silli and Biggi are all geniuses so we're in good hands. We haven't decided still how many tracks will be on the album but we're thinking around 8-10 songs maybe, so some of the songs are bit shorter than the songs on Reistu þig við, sólin er komin á loft... ("thank God" a lot of people will probably say!)

It's raining a lot this time so hopefully Kjarri and Elvar can take their long-waited trip on a rubber boat! If not someone's gonna pay..

Until next time; bye-bye!

Hi everybody!

So, we're back home in Iceland, relaxing with friends and family.

Here is a link to an interview from Brussels:


Here are some amazing photos from Nijmegen, Netherlands. Looks really good!!!

Best regards,


WOO-HOO! Tour blog number two!!

So now we’re in the great city Amsterdam, where we’re going to play tonight at Paradiso. It’s our last gig in the Netherlands on this tour so hopefully it will be fun. All the Netherlands gigs have been just fantastic, thanks a lot!

There’s not much to say really except that we have been hogging trampolines in Sondenborg, Denmark.

And another thing, the flight case for the bass amp didn’t fit exactly. We put the amp in the case and it got stuck... It took us about half an hour to get it out. Later that show in Nijmegen we accidentally told the crowd that we were this fantastic Pink Floyd cover band and that ended with us playing “Comfortably Numb” with a guy from the crowd singing the song... That was rememberable.

Tomorrow we’re heading off to Germany to play four gigs there, then the WILSONIC Festival in Bratislava, Slovakia, after that one gig in Brussels, Belgium and finally three gigs in the UK; Bristol, Birmingham and London.

We’re on Facebook, MySpace, Twitter and all that stuff so please be in touch.

Until next time,



Hey hey, 

So the first week is over... Time flies fast when you having fun, eh?  

Anyway, we’re back in Horsens, Denmark where we’re staying for two nights by the courtesy of Studio Sýrland DK which is by the way one of the most beautiful places we’ve been to! The house that the studio is in was built 1743 so it’s all really old-school (except the studio equipment of course) and neat. 

This first week we’ve played four gigs, three in Denmark and one in Sweden. This is the first time we’re playing in these countries and definitely not the last because the receptions  have been really really nice. The first gig was at SPOT Festival in Aarhus where we we’re the last on stage, around half past twelve so we we’re worried that nobody would come due to the non-stop party that was happening all around during that time. But eventually a lot of people came and it was really cool to have around 10-15 guys just losing it in front of the stage - they were awesome - thanks guys! So we were satisfied with that show. 

The next show was at Studio Syrland where we shared stage with our fellow Icelanders Ólafur Arnalds and Dísa and also MIMAS, a danish band. That was really fun. After the gig there was a barbecue with all the artists and the people who came to the show. We didn’t get rid of Ólafur Arnalds and his string quartet yet because the day after all of us played a really nice show at Nordatlantens Brygge in Copenhagen, where the Icelandic embassy has residence. Despite the humongous size of that house, the room we played in only took around 100-150 people but that didn’t matter and the place was full (woo-hoo). 

The morning after, around 7 am, we drove to Stockholm, Sweden in... not the best mood maybe for a while and arrived around 3 pm. There we were invited to a visit to the Icelandic embassy in Sweden (yeah, we’re all about the embassies) to watch Guffi play the piano for our Eurovision superstar Jóhanna Guðrún in her song “Is It True.” I think we have never seen Guffi so excited about anything (which ok. I guess). He was the first on the bus and the first to leave, he was strangely quick to throw all the instruments, amps and guitar effects on the stage and soundchecked amazingly quick but by the time we arrived to the embassy we we’re informed that Jóhanna Guðrún had a sore throat and could not sing! We all wish her a quick recovery. On the other hand that didn’t stop Guffi the Superman. He played the song all by himself, the chords and the melody and took a job as dinner music pianist... We had to drag him out! But our visit to the embassy in Sweden was really pleasant - thanks a lot. 

Later that night we played at a place called Debaser Slussen, a really cool place - total rock place which is cool and had a really nice time there. The sound guy and the lights guy get special thanks! 

So yeah... The first week has just been good to us. We’re staying another night here in Horsens and then we’re off to Aalborg, Denmark to play in Studenterhuset. The doors open at 9 pm. I dare everyone who live there or around Aalborg to come and rock with us (yeah!) 

Until next time, 

FaMR (our should it be like the KoRn logo, => FaMr?)